high-volume_318-10728Since Windows 8 was released to the public last October 2012 a lot of complaints from disgruntled users have surfaced. Simple users, like me, was disappointed with the new “Start Screen” due to the absence if the ever useful “Start Button”. Instead they have put all apps on the start screen. They called this the Metro UI which is quite sharp but it is still not as user-friendly as the Windows 7’s layout. This was solved by putting a sort of Start Button on the Windows 8.1 update. A good thing about Windows 8 though is that the startup and shutdown times have greatly improved as well as its overall speed and responsiveness.

Not only does users complain about the UI but also with errors that regularly occur when you are using the system. One of the most common error is UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME accompanied with a Blue Screen of Death. No need to fret as there as you can already fix Windows Error UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME. This error is caused by a corrupted file system, a corrupted or damaged hard disk, improperly configured boot.ini, and loose SATA cables on the motherboard and hard disk ends.


The first step in fixing Windows Error UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME is to check the SATA cables connecting the hard disk to the motherboard. You’d have to power off your system and disconnect the external cables connected to the board (power cable, VGA / HDMI cable, mouse, and keyboard). After disconnecting the cables, open the side panel of your computer’s casing. Unplug both ends of the SATA cables. Reconnect all the external cables that you previously disconnected and power on your system. Check if the steps above solved the issue. If the steps above did not solve the issue, try changing the SATA configuration on the BIOS from ATA to AHCI mode or the other way around. If the issue still persists try to use the automatic repair function of Windows 8. If that technique fails you need to reinstall Windows. If reinstalling Windows will not work, then your hard disk might be defective and would need a replacement.

Using Windows 8 can be a dreadful experience, thankfully the Windows 8.1 update has addressed most of the negative comments about this operating system and technicians have been working day in and day out to fix Windows Errors of this operating system.

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